Oven, Range, Cooktop Repair in North Idaho

Give us a call if your cooking appliance (oven, range, stove, or cooktop) develops any problem and needs repair, such as:

  • oven not heating
  • oven too hot
  • displays error codes
  • no spark
  • electrical or burning smell
  • broil or bake cycle does not work
  • oven door problems
  • cleaned and now the oven is dead or won’t open
  • cooktop burners not lighting
  • cooktop clicks constantly
  • shorted wiring
  • gas leaks
  • or any other issues

Almost any problem with your oven, range, or cooktop is repairable! And it is always cheaper to repair those appliances than to buy and install new ones. Since we keep in stock most parts needed to repair your oven, range, stove or cooktop, it means we will likely be able to repair your appliance during the initial visit. Call us at (208) 415-1500 for appointment or request service online.

Gas Oven, Range, and Cooktop Maintenance

You can clean the oven, range, and cooktop with warm water, mild detergent, or a soft cloth on all cleanable parts, as recommended in the use and care manual. Still, never use abrasive cleaners that are not recommended by the manufacturer.
Additionally, do not allow grease spillovers to accumulate after cooking on top of the range, as it is a fire hazard. When cleaning the burners, make sure that all of the portholes are debris-free. If, for any reason, the burner portholes are blocked, the flame appearance will change. Blocked portholes will reduce gas flow, and diminish the heating value of the burner.