Dishwasher Repair

We are pleased to offer dishwasher repair and service to our clients in North Idaho!

Do you have the following issues with your dishwasher?

  • not washing dishes
  • not draining
  • leaking
  • not closing
  • making noise
  • control panel not responding
  • beeping or flashing
  • error codes
  • dishwasher door latch problems
  • dishwasher soap or rinse aid dispenser problems
  • cycles too long
  • dishwasher timer won’t advance
  • no water
  • dishwasher overfills
  • smell and standing water in dishwasher
  • debris on dishes
  • or anything else?

Call First Choice Appliance (208) 415-1500 for precise diagnosis, high quality and fast repair! Also, check the solid warranty we offer with our repairs.

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

The dishwasher’s interior is normally self-cleaning. However, there are times when you will have to remove food particles or broken glass from the bottom of the tub. Also, clean the bottom edge of the dishwasher tub, which is sealed off by the gasket when the door is closed. Additionally, food and liquids drip on to this area when the dishwasher is loaded.

Clean the control panel with a soft damp cloth. In addition, do not use any abrasive powders or cleaning pads.

Dishwashers are designed to flush away all normal food soils that have been removed from the dishes. However, on occasion, certain foreign objects, such as fruit pits, bottle caps, etc., might collect in the openings of the pump. You should remove these items to avoid clogging the drain system. Also, on occasion, some of these foreign objects can get caught in the spray arm openings and will have to be cleaned out. Finally, check the racks carefully to see if there are any nicks or cuts in the vinyl. Repair these nicks and cuts with the help of a liquid vinyl-repair material, which is available through the manufacturer or at any appliance supply store.

Most importantly, read use and care manual for proper maintenance procedures for your brand of dishwasher.