Garbage disposer repair in North Idaho

If your garbage disposer is not working right – call us, we will repair it! Common problems with garbage disposals include:

  • jammed or stuck
  • leaking
  • humming
  • making unusual or loud noise
  • not working at all

We repair all brands and models of garbage disposals, including: ISE (In Sink Erator), Whirlpool, Badger, Kitchen Aid, GE (General Electric), Disposall, Emerson, Waste King,  Maytag, Kenmore, and others.

Also, we can replace your old or leaking garbage disposer at discounted rates.

Call us for price and availability of the disposal you would like installed:(208) 415-1500

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

A garbage disposer is built to do a dirty job, efficiently grinding and shredding tough food waste. Used properly, the disposer is a rugged appliance that should remain trouble-free for years, requiring little maintenance.

The most common garbage disposer problem is a simple jam. To avoid problems with the disposer, read its Use and Care manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper amount and kinds of food to be placed in it. Never put in hard-to-grind waste. Never put in non-food waste such as metal, cloth, plastic, rubber, or ceramics.

Always use a strong flow of cold water when running the disposer. After turning off the disposer, let the water run for a minute or so to flush the drain line.

Do not use chemical cleaners to clean clogs, as they can damage plastic and rubber parts. To keep the drain clean and odor-free, do not leave garbage in the disposer for more than a day. When necessary, deodorize the disposer by using it to grind an orange or lemon rind. When the disposer is not in use, leave the drain cover in place to prevent objects such as silverware or bottle caps from falling in and causing a jam.

Never put your hand into the disposer, even when the unit is off.