Dryer Repair

Call us (208) 415-1500 regarding all your dryer repair needs and rest assured that the work will be done right! We work with all major dryer brands and have experience with any dryer issues:

  • Dryer Won’t Turn On
  • Dryer Too Noisy
  • No Tumble
  • No Heat
  • It Takes Too Long for Clothes to Dry

Dryer Maintenance Tips

Automatic dryers must be periodically cleaned. Therefore the excess lint must be removed to prevent the possibility of a fire and the possibility of the dryer not functioning properly. Most models have a service panel on the front of the dryer for accessibility. The outside of the cabinet should be wiped with a damp cloth. It is recommended that the components be inspected for wear and tear; if repairs are needed, they should be made as soon as possible.

Gas Dryer Maintenance

In addition to everything mentioned above, gas dryer maintenance includes taking care of the gas burner and gas line. The gas burner assembly must be inspected and cleaned yearly. The dryer gas line must also be inspected and checked for leaks yearly – or sooner if you suspect a gas leak!

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